About Global Hospitality Solutions

Hotel IT Solutions by Hoteliers

W ith decades of industry experience our solutions are tailored for the hospitality industry by experienced hospitality veterans. Our staff includes former general managers, group revenue directors, and sales directors that boosted their hotels sales and revenues. Our solutions are all inclusive and to date GHS is the only hotel technology provider that offers complete hotelier solutions.

Converting lookers into bookers

C onverting a looker into a booker is an art and one that GHS specializes in. The science of hospitality in 2016 is such that every piece of intel can add to your bottom line. Every little tweak can mean a direct booking versus a commissioned one. The best type of reservation is a direct one. As no commission is paid to anyone which translates into higher RevPAR or Revenue Per Available Room.

Hotel Websites 2.0 & Virtual Tours

21st century hotel websites will no longer be flat & dull. They will be three dimensional, 360 degree high definition sites that will drastically change the surfing experience of guests. Your clients can visualize to near reality the rooms and property at which they will be staying. At GHS we are proud to offer a web/ imaging and distribution solution that sets us apart from our competition.

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