Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Engine


e provide an intuitive & streamlined web booking engine that allows not only the conduction of a reservation, but also upselling within all its stages. There is more to a reservation than simply booking a room. A web booking engine must be simplified and yet display everything a property has to offer; availability, a well laid out calendar, a comparative chart of the room types offered, and a summary page that communicates all the details of their reservation. This allows for a quality booking experience for not only your guests, but for your business as well.

D irect reservations are important, as they yield the highest profit margin and revPAR. During the booking process you want as many contingency plans to secure that purchase should any unexpected circumstances may arise i.e. the customer becomes distracted, they have a question about the web form, an issue with data entry. In the event that the booking process is interrupted or the customer attempts to leave your page, we can activate a live chat feature with a representative to assist the customer with any issue as well as attempt to convert the customer to book. With this, your customer will feel confident in your support and business, and you can ensure that all measures will be taken if necessary to capture the reservation.